Wednesday, June 16, 2010

i art u

So one of my daily vitamins is to jump over to i art u and see what Jennifer Young is up to.  I love her photography style whether she is documenting a latest trip, creating a color inspiration board, or shooting one of her magnificent terrariums.  Even her blog title reminds motivates me to use art daily.  Today she has an amazing give-away from Four Corner Store for one of her readers [see the collection below: German medic bag, assortment of 110 film, an Holga 120 twin lens reflex camera, and field].  So this morning I am dreaming of winning the whole lot because it would be so sweet to have an actual film camera to toy with...its like the promise of having just bought a lottery ticket.

Don't you think this medic bag will look great with my first aid box?

So do you ever enter blog giveaways or are you a silent observer?  Either way be sure to visit i art u.


  1. Ha! I just entered a blog giveaway for the first time last week...but I didn't win... :(

  2. Now THATS a giveaway!!!! I'm heading back to Central Java (Indonesia) next weekend and decided to wipe the dust off my Diana camera. Can't wait to see what I capture on it.

  3. lauren,
    this is the sweetest write up. thank you so much!
    i'll be choosing a winner tomorrow! good luck :)
    thanks again for your kind words!


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