Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Fruits of Our Labor

So I fibbed...we did head towards a flowing body of water this weekend and visited with the Roth Family at Knopp Branch Farm.  We were pulled into the adventure after our farmers market visit and saw the bounty of the current harvest.  It was an extremely restorative weekend with a little work: fruit harvesting {peaches, blackberries, blueberries, plums}, sprinkler repair, and gofer hunting{with the best hunting dogs in Edna}; plenty of play: relaxing in the river, and farkel {more on that later}; and fabulous feasting: alfresco dining on the porch, and gelato|sorbet|sherbet extravaganza....I am convinced I will never again in my life be able to taste a more heavenly blackberry sorbet...picked from the vine just minutes before pureeing into the sweetest nectar of the gods.  The Roths are all great cooks...and it was a pleasure to take in how seamlessly they are able to help each other.

I was too in-the-moment {read: helpful} to break out the camera so here are a few pictures of what was not immediately consumed...but is now my incredible breakfast.

PS: I believe Anna is updating the website so KnoppBranchFarm.com is currently unavailable but do check back and if you are in Houston visit them at the Eastside Farmer's Market!

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