Friday, April 23, 2010

Mobile test,,, two

Isn't it fun to pull extra tickets out of skee-ball machines?  (Just came across this picture on my phone and I thought I should give mobile blogging a whirl.)

Rolling into New Orleans now. We will be inside the fairgrouds in less than an hour. Sweet sweet Jazz Fest, my favorite time of year!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dinner and Dancing on the patio

This weekend was awe-some!  Here is a little inspiration, dancing, and general life-loving that I was able to experience during Anna and Rob's wedding extravaganza.

Photos by Will and me.  
These last two weeks have been a complete whirlwind.  I know my posts have been few and far between.  Unfortunately our nine year old yellow lab, Duke, has been diagnosed with anorexia {seriously it was on his admittance papers at the vet}, actually they think it is lymphoma. It has been many sleepless nights and too many trips to the vet.      

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Words to live by

I love reading Natalie Walton's blog Daily Imprint religiously.  But today's post on the talented sculptor Anna Wili Highfield really struck a cord with me as I often find myself in this same place:

"What's the best lesson you've learnt along the way?: To spend more time making then thinking. I don't like to try to plan a piece. My work evolves most effectively when I just start. I spent the whole of art school parralysed by too much consideration. I am now very prolific."
All images via Anna Wili Highfield.

Mad Hatter

Fingers crossed that my new Jazz Fest hat will get here before we leave *Please allow 3-8 business days for shipping* I allowed 9 so lets hope it is out the door right away....I love the texture of the mixed straw weave in my Goorin Bros. selection.  This hat nearly came home with me last year when we were in Portland.  We were chatting it up with the very engaging girl manning the store when we had to bolt to catch our train to Seattle so I just snagged a little feather.  As I thought more and more about the one that got away, we decided to seek out the Seattle store even though our trusty saleslady said that she thought it was still under construction.   After seeing an ad in the local paper we realized that it was just up the street from our pre-game spot {we were in town for the LSU/UW game}.  We stopped for a second to regroup since we couldn't find the store.  I stepped into the street to snap a photo and low and behold we were in front of the soon to be storefront {so I made Will pose for this cheesy pic}.
Left images: Eric B hat and Goldleaf via Goorin Bros; Right images: by moi.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh Happy Days...

My visual to do list for this weekend:
Crawfish!....need I say more? Letters via.
Go Dynamo!  It is the first weekend home game of the season so we will be tailgating and cheering on our favorite soccer team.  Letters via, photos by moi.

Creating a party mix tape for our friend's wedding next weekend in New Orleans.  We were tasked with creating an hour of dance music but since we are only on "H" in our iTunes library and we already have over 4 hours of music it might just become our Road Trip Mix Tape. Image via.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

"I want to ride my bike all day..."

Hello World!  I think I have made the turn in my allergy debacle.  It feels wonderful to be out and about again and a part of the world.  Now I want to dust off the old beach cruiser and go exploring.  There is nothing like exploring your 'hood on a pair of fat tires and a comfy oversized seat.  We will have to re-instate our Sunday Booze Cruises through the neighborhood.  Care to join?

Bicycletta's are adorning everything this iconic symbol for a good, clean, carefree are a few of my favorites...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Reproduction, reproduction! Reproduction! Where does the pollen go?"

Dear Oak Tree: I have always claimed your Live Oak variety to be my most favorite of all the trees. However this year the pollen that you are spreading is toxifying my upper respiratory system.  So, I am reconsidering and possibly promoting this little Redbud.  If you could take it down a notch, I am sure we can work this out.
Yours truly,

I am not a normal allergy sufferer so I have been grasping at straws for how to handle this onslaught.  Since I can not be more than 5 feet away from my kleenex, eh-hmm, single-ply toilet paper {I did mention to Will in the midst of a sneezing fit that single-ply toilet paper is grounds for a divorce, what?...I was miserable, I am sorry!}, yesterday I decided to bring the outdoors in and do a little spring planting in the kitchen sink.  I have had this bowl sitting around for a year and a half now and finally picked out a few succulents for it.  Easy planting in the sink with my conditioned air and all my debris was added to the compost bucket.  Voila!  Now as soon as the pollen counts are lower I will de-slime our fountain.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sun, Sea, Fashion, & Embroidery: Aurelie Mathigot

So now that it is official, spring has sprung...I am nursing seersucker dreams and 30A wishes.  Aurelie Mathigot's art is helping me get my fix while I am waiting on the fest (with some beach time in between).  I love how she combines photography and embroidery to create these instantly nostalgic pieces from seashores to fashion shows.
All images via

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Industrial Blues

Do you often get the Monday Blues or A Case of the Monday's?  My infatuation with this industrial blue color is inducing symptoms of blue fever.  The first time I took notice of this color was when we picked out our safe-deposit boxes. Lately I have been admiring it in several objects whether found, or inspired by the industrial movement.  I love the Clampology family by Jorre van Ast, each clamp typology serves a specific function, and the set is on permanent exhibition at MoMA.  The simple cantilevered Alodia stool by Todd Bracher for Cappellini looks as though it is the elder sibling of the clamp octuplets. Also loving these fun Selzer Bottles from Argentina and the Hard Blue color pencils, both via Three Potato Four.
All images via respective websites.

Friday, April 2, 2010

TGIGF...Thank goodness its Good Friday

Has it really been 40 days since Mardi Gras? I hope that you have a wonderful Easter Holiday!  "I love Jesus (but I do drink a little)" your affection with this t-shirt from Dirty Coast or this minimalist cross by Plodes Studio.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Christmas on the Side: Santa Fe

First let me explain the title: our Christmas present from Will's parents was a family trip to Santa Fe.... .... and in Santa Fe if you are not sure if you want green or red chiles then you ask for "Christmas on the side"...  hence the perfect title for my blog post.  Isn't it amazing how things come together sometimes! 

It was a wonderful long weekend with each day as a different adventure.  On Museum Day {Friday} I discovered that I can spend much longer in museums than any of my travel companions before they become "arted out".  During Spa Day {Saturday}, we spent 5 heavenly hours at Ten Thousand Waves and I confirmed my inability to take a cold plunge which I am hoping leads to a doctor's Rx for more massages in my future.  On Ski Day {Sunday}, I learned that slow and low is the tempo for my ski legs...Ski Santa Fe was the perfect low key spot for a beginner like me, I  loved the bunny hills and did quite well for my only 9th-18th hours of skiing.  Lastly during Photographer Landscape Exploration Day {Monday}, I again realized that I have a lot to learn on my camera if I am ever going to get out of "auto" mode....alas here are some my shots....

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