Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Janelle Monae + Cactus Music

Janelle Monae + Live Acoustic = Why you should love your local record store!

Cactus Music had one fantastic weekend of live in-store performances [+free beer].  We were able to soak in three diverse and entertaining artists: Houston's own Wild Moccasins, New Orleans' Anders Osborne and the sensational Janelle Monae.  Didn't have the camera on Saturday but here are a few shots of Janelle belting out some beautiful melodies...and let me tell you 'she ain't just the pretty one'.  

If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to check out her video for Tightrope. [Thanks Courtney for introducing me to this soulful little lady.]


  1. no wayyyyyyyyyyyy!!! YOU GOT TO SEE HER. IN A SMALL OPEN SPACE? OK the questions begin: is her skin really that flawless? her hair that high? her entire being that darling??? I want her to teach me dance lessons!

  2. She is indeed an impeccable petite package. Her hair was a perfectly textured pompadour and her voice was powerful. I found that she was so appreciate of the Houston crowd and her whole posse was consistently spreading the message of love and gratitude [all in their 007 attire].


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