Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall Forward

Flipping through the latest J.Crew catalogue has me ready to accessorize for Fall {since the blazing Houston temperatures won't require dressing for fall for many months to come}. In the lastest installment Crew's stylist Gayle Spannaus provides wonderful style tips for Fall. These images have inspired me to turn jewelry pieces that are out-dated, broken, or I never wore in the first place into new pieces. I will post some pictures of my creations.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lucky 30!

August has been such an incredible month! For my 30th, Will suprised me with three beautiful gifts. All I wanted to commemorate the big 3-0 was my Gogo cuff that we picked up at Jazz Fest a few months ago. I was elated to have this as my one and only gift, but, on my big day I was surprised with a gorgeous crab shell necklace. Lastly (I know this is sooo 2 years ago) and what I have been lusting the longest is my Keep Calm print that I came across a few years back here. Will tracked down the original source here so we can proudly display our own propaganda.

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