Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Safety First!

While my RN mother might prefer that we stock our first aid box with hemostats, ointments, and bandages; we consider tonics and potions of another sort to be our first line of defense.  Will scored this first aid box from a trash pile on a construction site, and we decided what better use than as a guest minibar.  I still have a few modifications in mind but we are stocked and ready for service...
I think that our obsession with mini-bottles is a holdover from our time living in Charleston when any drink bought on a night out started with a pour from a mini-bottle.  Ordering a round of shots took a few math skills: I'll have three {insert liquor of choice} split five ways....or on a rowdy night five split three ways.


  1. I LOVE IT! Especially since I am often a guest at your house! BRILLIANT

  2. Cant wait to spend the night; i hear they make mini wine bottles

  3. I'm just impressed that you know the word hemostat....

  4. Lauren:
    I guess this means we need to come for a visit. Clever idea.

  5. In order to better serve all our dear friends, we are now accepting drink requests...Kell your wine request is noted. Dad I guess you might want some Drambui? Anyone else?

    Claire: I always played with the nurse supplies in my mom's pocket protector and hemostat was my favorite word. :)

  6. Do you know Fernet Branca? It's a bitter, really good served with coke... I don't know where are you from so I don't know if you can get a hold on one of those... It's mainly made in Argentina (where I'm from :D) but I think also in Italy... Anyway, I recommend it :D

  7. We taught you well, honey. Safety First!


So glad that you stopped by for a visit...your comments make my day!

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