Thursday, December 24, 2009

O Holy Night...

as arranged by Trombone Shorty and featured on Studio 60 is still my favorite. The episode aired in 2006 when the recovery of New Orleans was in its early stages. {Guaranteed to empty my cry jar.}

PS: why was this show canceled??


  1. David and I have this on our Ipods and saw it when it aired and loved it - it does make me tear up!

  2. Lauren, its ashley sullivan! well, im hawthorne now :) Missy gave me your blog! i l.o.v.e. it, and i love this song! yes, i cried. haha. i'm blogging my house renovation now and you may enjoy checking in occasionally. i will certainly add you to my bloglines!

  3. Hey Ashley!!! I will definitely follow you at Ranch Dressings....headed there now! Thanks for checking me out!


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