Thursday, December 17, 2009

In the Haus...Lonny Mag

These last 4 days without sunshine are really getting me down so I am e-scaping with Lonny Magazine online. I am completely enthralled with the retail spaces this month: J.Crew, Kate Spade, and Haus Interior. I loved Jenna's style showcased in her home in Nov 08 Domino {my favorite issue} so applying her personal style to the J.Crew Women's Collection store is brilliant... Dunbar sofa and chevron wood flooring {the flooring of my dream home}...yum! Kate Spades' shimmering accent wall of paillettes really shines. Haus Interiors brightened my morning most with their affordable mix of decor pieces. The painted wood floor is beautimous {a modern take on the chevron: we recently ripped up our bedroom carpet so I am looking for the right paint & pattern to cover the ugly shiplap, hmmm...}, the variety of artist made items are fever-inducing, the hay encapsulated display table took me back to sunny Marfa and Barbara Hill's first house remodel.

photo credit for the above: Lonny Mag.
photo credit
Be sure to check out the new Lonny Mag online!

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  1. Wow you tore up your carpet? I guess that Duke is probably pretty hard on it huh? So you're going to paint the floors? I adore painted floors!!! Take pictures and keep me posted.


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