Thursday, December 31, 2009

A love affair: Beatrice and Woodsley

What's not to love about imbibing in the woods? Beatrice and Woodsley in Denver's Sobo neighborhood was the perfect nightcap for our last night in Denver {although I wish we would have stumbled across it earlier}. The ethereal interior is a fancy woodsy-land created by owners Kevin Delk and John Skogstad, featuring bar shelves of felled logs supported by chainsaws; exposed studs and ship-lap; illumination by hanging lanterns; rain chains as faucets {there certainly is a trick to washing your hands}; and rolls of tp as installation art.

[photo credits: menu: Nina B. via Yelp; restroom and woods: talkof; bar: Tiffany C. via Yelp; RR sketch: yours truly]

Just a stone's throw from my parents house, I know to be suspicious of any "walks in the woods" Will takes.

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