Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Lexicon

While I am trying to figure out what to pull from the costume bag for Saturday, I am getting in the spirit by reading The Daily Candy's Lexicon: Words That Don't Exist but Should from years past {Halloween Editions}, here are a few favorites:

count mackula
n. The dude who takes advantage of being in costume to hit on anyone and everyone.
n. Air of superiority while wearing a really awesome costume. (Sure, putting rocks in her dress pockets and going as Virginia Woolf was genius, but we could do without the costude.)
n. The effect of constantly being startled by the number of revealing costumes surrounding you. (There’s so much cleavage in this room, I’m getting the boo-bies.)
monster mesh
n. The effect of too-tight fishnets.

Read them all online here and here.

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