Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Don't go 'round artless!"

What better re-purpose for an old cigarette machine than to vend art!? The Art-o-mat project came about in Winston-Salem with the abundance of banned vintage cigarette vending machines. The goal of Artists in Cellophane is to make art a commodity of our daily lives. The Art-o-mat can be found in a gallery near you. {If not} Then the brand new Art-o-carton is for you, all you have to do is answer a 10 question survey and a carton of art will ship with hand picked art pieces based on your answers. I think this is a great gift idea!

I have yet to visit the Art-o-mat in Houston but while in Charleston I won this wonderful little piece of Weener Ware flair.

Art-o-cart and Artomat images via

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