Thursday, October 29, 2009

Best Camera

"The best camera is the one that's with you" -Chase Jarvis. I am eternally grateful {well so far its been a week but I know this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship} to Chase Jarvis, the brilliant photographer/creator behind the only iPhone app that I have ever purchased. It is well worth the $2.99 pricetag, and offers so much flexiblity in editing iPhone photos with a myriad of color filters, and other enhancements. Those of you who have been around here a while know that I love my D90, but the camera on the iPhone might be the only point-n-click that I will have for a while and it completely suits my needs! Enjoy the iPhone photos below, all augmented with Best Camera app to bring out their true potential!

You can keep up with my Best Camera log here. I highly recommend perusing the live uploads page {so inspiring!} and this community is possibly the best feature of the app.

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  1. thanks so much for the kind words, lauren! if you love the app, it would be an honor if you'd post your reivew on the Best Camera page of the itunes app store for the world to read.


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