Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bad Habit

When I jump up to get going in the morning without fail this is the first sight I see...I have got to break this bad habit! Each night as I religiously tend to my teeth and face, I discard my jewelry and clothing in the most "convenient" places {read doorknobs and back of toilet} only to walk around picking up after myself the next morning.

What is your worst habit?


  1. I don't disclose such information to the general public...but I'll tell you over a frosty cerveza!!! :)

  2. I share this one with you. And I want to break it badly.

    Are you excited for the game this Saturday? Who dat?

  3. lauren, i totally do the same thing! i also leave my coffee cup on the side of the bathroom sink EVERY morning! my worst habit, however, is leaving the hair dryer (still plugged in) laying in the sink. ooops.

  4. OMG I do that too! My bra is ALWAYS hanging on the doorknob, and my cups (coffee, water, wine) are strewn all about my house. These are just two of many bad habits, unfortunately!

    p.s. I want to follow your blog, but don't see a follow button??

  5. Claire: It really is just about the hardest habit to break.

    There should be a follow button on the top left since you have a blogger account??? Let me know if you don't see it there. to check out Bicoastally now.


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