Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inspiration Compounded

Frozen in the perfect state of decay...  with ample history left in its dna....

I really appreciate spaces with ample signs of a good life {if you saw my house and how badly we need an exterior paint job; how exquisitely dented and scratched our pine floors are; or how wonderfully worn our doors are you would know this to be true}.  So when I stepped foot onto this New Orleans compound my heart skipped a beat.  The buildings are all perfectly preserved...the word decay from above is more for dramatic effect.  The interior design feels like stepping into an Anthro catalogue with an excellent mix of antiques, modern art, industrial fixtures, and exquisite rugs strewn everywhere.  Just gorgeous...I would love to be an accessory in this space.  

So I am tending to a few side projects this week so my posts most likely will not be daily {one of which was to get the full album from the above parties online............. almost there}.


  1. Such great pictures! I'm sure Anna is thrilled.

  2. Where is this? I want to go here! SO beautiful! My favorite look!

  3. Thanks Leah!

    Meg: It in in New Orleans. Aren't you ready to move in! Its so fabulously curated.


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