Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hayden Avery

This was a really fun photography side project.  Besides shooting little vignettes for this blog, I have no experience in product photography.  In fact all my photography is from no experience {unless one photo credit in college is considered training}.  So when our friend Leah decided to re-vamp the website for her brick and mortar stationary store Hayden Avery, I jumped at the chance.  We wanted to get a few shots of some of the broad product categories that the shop offers services in.  I think we are off to a great start, now I just need to rack up on some props and hopefully this will be an ongoing project for many years to come.


  1. Those are not only great shots, but they fulfilled the ultimate goal of product made me realize that I *NEED* that stationary. All of it. Now.


  2. great shotes-and that is some FANTASTIC stationary!

  3. you did an amazing job! good eye!


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