Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm a Big Fan.

I really didn't believe the rep who was hosting me on a carpet mill tour in 2006 when he told me the brand name of the oversized warehouse fan was Big Ass Fans....seriously, I love it!  The industrial styling and scale are perfect for so many spaces.  Ten blades operating at slow speed, these ceiling fans are quiet, sustainable, and really move air.   And then there is the AirGo mobile fan which really just looks better than any mobile fan I've ever seen [doesn't it incite a little Footloose and Kevin Bacon nostalgia?]

The newest edition to the family is the Pivot 180...check out just how beautiful the oscillation of this industrial pole mount is!  That sucker is 6' in diameter.  During the hot days of summer, I hope this little clip helps to cool you off.

No compensation here, I'm just a huge fan!


  1. Those are insanely huge! I can't believe they have fans that big, I would actually be a little afraid, they look more like a helicopter propellor than a fan!

  2. Aren't they just great. And yes, they certainly would have to be in a large volume of space or they could be intimidating.


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