Monday, March 1, 2010

Inside the Loop: guest blog

This week I am thrilled to be stepping in for the ever-original and adventurous Courtney over at Inside the Loop as she broadens all of our horizons and continues her journey through India and Nepal {can't imagine all the wonder and magic she is experiencing and that we will soon get to live vicariously through.}   To me Courtney is blogging royalty with an amazing community centered around her site and I am beyond honored to be featured this week.  

So if you are not already in the loop, follow me.


  1. Hi Lauren! Since I don't have an email for you, I'll connect w/ you via comments. This is ITL Guest Blogger 1 Kelly - Just wanted to let you know that for some reason your posts are happening out of order. As of now, they're all happening automatically. I'm going to go in and make them manual, and then just post them every morning myself so that they post on time and in order. Have fun! (You can delete this comment if you want.)

  2. I love love love to find another Nola blogger. Great work...I will definitely be checking in on your blog.
    Great post on Richard Sexton, BTW!

  3. Hi Lauren! This is Andi. I can't believe I didn't know you wrote a blog. Love it!! I read Inside the Loop and saw your guest post. Can't wait to read your blog from the beginning. It's great!

  4. Kelly: Hi! I was wondering if Courtney switched the order up but I actually like having Terra Incognita first, so it is working out beautifully. Let me know if you need anything on my end. Thanks.

    The Gimlet Eye: Welcome!!! I am going to bounce over to your page now. Thanks for stopping in!

    Andi: Yep, this is my tiny piece of internet real estate. So glad to know that you dropped in. :)

  5. Thanks a million for taking over this week and keeping things running on the site. Your posts are fab and I'm beyond excited to have you blogging. Many, many thanks!! I'm off to Nepal tonight. xx


So glad that you stopped by for a visit...your comments make my day!

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