Friday, March 5, 2010

Rebecca and Kate + Tape

I L.O.V.E. Rebecca Ward's work for Kate Spade, it is just Brilliant {that's right, with a capital B!}  And then to celebrate this fabulous installation, Kate threw a Tape Party where invitees were able to create their own pink and yellow concoctions...Genius! 
Installation images via Rebecca Ward and Party images via Kate Spade.
In the infancy of our relationship, my husband declared his love for gaffer's tape.  A holdover from his technical theater days when there was nothing that couldn't be fixed or secured with gaff tape.  Now I too can share in his obsession...only my approach will be ornamental.   
Be sure to also check out the stop motion video of the installation.


  1. Reminds me....I think I need a new roll of 2" wide matte black gaff tape. Thanks.

  2. While you're out, I'll take one in every color and width.


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