Friday, May 21, 2010

You are Missed

It has been two weeks since we lost Duke {Ellington not Blue Devil}.  So please bare with me while I get this out of my system.   I am not exactly sure when "good boy" morphed into "good Boudreaux"... somewhere along the way Will and I started calling him Boudreaux...I guess to us it just meant "my buddy".  I miss him everyday and all the sweet obnoxiousness that goes with owning a Lab...his tail could clear a coffee table in one sweep...he could bounce around like a lowrider with hydraulics...he thought he was a lap dog though he was only about 20 pounds lighter than me.

Without Duke we would not have met the best friends anyone could ask for in Charleston and in turn Will's first godchild....from our friend Rob Savoy {I added Rob's words to a picture of Duke in his favorite fountain}:

We have so many people to thank from our last months with Duke...we received lots of encouragement and support from our family and friends.  

Boudreaux, We hope that you are playing relentlessly at the beach in the sky!


  1. Lauren - I'm SO SO sorry to hear about Duke. Please give Will my condolences. Love you both.

  2. That is a sweet and touching tribute. Sorry you lost your buddy.

  3. Love that duke duke and anne curry face............i hope he is keeping yo yo in in line. Love that tribute............

  4. Lauren:
    Only someone who has lost a much loved pet can understand the emptiness that follows such a loss. We will always remember Duke and the joy he brought to all of us. I imagine Ginger and Duke running around making new friends. A beautiful tribute to a great pet...

  5. Lovely tribute...Morgan & I talk to Duke everyday and are so thankful for all the joyous times shared! We love you!
    The Savoys


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