Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Come Marching In

I'm back!....are you still there?  I had every intention of mobile blogging last week but due to technical difficulties and quality control, I decided to remain "unplugged".  

So what have we been up to?  Just soaking in some rays, rain, and rhythms; and feast on fine foods during our annual Jazz Fest - 30A vacation.  A few years ago we decided that we could never miss another weekend of Jazz Fest so with Brass Passes in hand we hit everyday at the festival and then spend a relaxing 3 days at the beautiful beaches of 30A, Florida.

I am working on our photos {I've become a little obsessed with cross color processing post production}, but I will post soon.  And yes, in case you were counting it has been 3 weekends in a row in Nola {and we will be back in two weeks}....now off to catch up on what all you wonderful bloggers out there are up to....


So glad that you stopped by for a visit...your comments make my day!

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