Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Reproduction, reproduction! Reproduction! Where does the pollen go?"

Dear Oak Tree: I have always claimed your Live Oak variety to be my most favorite of all the trees. However this year the pollen that you are spreading is toxifying my upper respiratory system.  So, I am reconsidering and possibly promoting this little Redbud.  If you could take it down a notch, I am sure we can work this out.
Yours truly,

I am not a normal allergy sufferer so I have been grasping at straws for how to handle this onslaught.  Since I can not be more than 5 feet away from my kleenex, eh-hmm, single-ply toilet paper {I did mention to Will in the midst of a sneezing fit that single-ply toilet paper is grounds for a divorce, what?...I was miserable, I am sorry!}, yesterday I decided to bring the outdoors in and do a little spring planting in the kitchen sink.  I have had this bowl sitting around for a year and a half now and finally picked out a few succulents for it.  Easy planting in the sink with my conditioned air and all my debris was added to the compost bucket.  Voila!  Now as soon as the pollen counts are lower I will de-slime our fountain.

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  1. Dear Mr. Oak Tree,

    Im with Lauren. Please stop because I am tired of allergy suffering patients.They are ruining my life.

    Love the succulent Bowl. Let's cheers to it and a pack of zyrtec!


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