Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mad Hatter

Fingers crossed that my new Jazz Fest hat will get here before we leave *Please allow 3-8 business days for shipping* I allowed 9 so lets hope it is out the door right away....I love the texture of the mixed straw weave in my Goorin Bros. selection.  This hat nearly came home with me last year when we were in Portland.  We were chatting it up with the very engaging girl manning the store when we had to bolt to catch our train to Seattle so I just snagged a little feather.  As I thought more and more about the one that got away, we decided to seek out the Seattle store even though our trusty saleslady said that she thought it was still under construction.   After seeing an ad in the local paper we realized that it was just up the street from our pre-game spot {we were in town for the LSU/UW game}.  We stopped for a second to regroup since we couldn't find the store.  I stepped into the street to snap a photo and low and behold we were in front of the soon to be storefront {so I made Will pose for this cheesy pic}.
Left images: Eric B hat and Goldleaf via Goorin Bros; Right images: by moi.

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