Monday, December 13, 2010

It's a Wrap

I have had so much fun wrapping gifts in bingo paper this year. Since I scored all that wonderful tape, I have forgone bows and ribbons preferring to weave and layer tape to my heart's content.
Now I am brainstorming how to wrap my Christmas gifts (gotta be prepared for when I actually start to purchase gifts).   Maybe I take gift wrap too seriously but I think that the experience of receiving the gift in your hands should be as magical as the gift itself.  I never ever use gift bags because I don't like the way they look under the tree, not to mention it is just too easy to sneak a peek. 


  1. This is inspiring! I have wrapping paper that I really like this year, although I'm gonna need something else soon because it's almost out! I've been using yarn instead of ribbon and think it has looked pretty lovely so far :)


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