Monday, December 20, 2010

Ceci n'est pas une cheminée

"This is not a fireplace." 
When we bought our house it was advertised as having a faux we imagined a beautiful historic mantel installed on a non-working fireplace. Were we surprised to find a lovely little piece of SkyMall furniture.  In five years we have grown to appreciate its kitschy, humorous nature.  Will thought of the perfect way to wittily celebrate our awkward acquisition.  He is a Rene Magritte fan so he "commissioned" me to create this piece, drawing inspiration from one of his favorite paintings.  Neither of us speak French so we might have botched the translation, but we kept it close to Magritte's painting inserting the word 'fireplace' for 'pipe'.  
On a side note, we finally burned our only can of fire gel and it really does add a nice ambiance to the room (as long as you remove the paper label before burning...or else it stinks up the house).  


So glad that you stopped by for a visit...your comments make my day!

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