Monday, September 13, 2010

Small Town Festivities

"There's probably more in the American tradition than people give the place credit for." Donald Judd 
Small town happenings during our week in schools, parades, town fairs, high school football caravans, farm stands, swimming holes, and picnics.....Here are the rest of the photos from my week in Marfa.  


  1. That trailer just ROCKS!!!! All of your pics do! Great post...

  2. Nice Pic. What was under that knit....a boles? Love that trailer. Tell us more about the food shark Dining car....Is that new?

  3. Thanks Ladies! Not sure what is under all that Knitta fabulousness.

    So the Dining car is the latest addition to the Food Shark fleet for cold weather indoor dining purposes! It was so funny because half of the parade was food shark cars, most of which had to be pushed along the route because they did not run. It was great!


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