Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I need a Muses

Someday, when I live in New Orleans again, I will be a member of this Krewe.  How much fun could you have decorating, bedazzling, and feathering shoes as Mardi Gras Throws?!?!  
Right now as I should be thinking about daycare and preschool waiting list....all I can think of is getting on the Muses waiting list.  Happy Tuesday....one week until the Fat one!


  1. I can hardly think about Mardi Gras without getting upset that I'm not there. Muses is the best--all the women, and all the best beads without a doubt! It's probably tomorrow, huh (I think I remember it being on Wednesday)? I wish I could will myself there!

  2. I'm going to Muses for the first time this year! Will you be in Nola this weekend?

  3. Claire: I completely know the feeling. So glad that we live driving distance from New Orleans so that we can just jump in the car when we need our fix. Muses is on Thursday night....we always miss it by a day.

    Missy: We are in Nola this weekend...are you hanging around for a while?

  4. I took both kids tonight (with out Pete--he is working) and I had a blast!! The kids didn't catch many throws but most of the folks around us donated to them! And I have to say that NEXT year, I will not let Pete miss this parade...I LOVED it! :)


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