Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Royal Good Time

We definitely put on the Ritz this weekend.  It was a classic summer wedding weekend in Nola with visions of summer suits in seersucker and linen, sounds of brass, and scents of gardenia.  Isn't it amazing that you can tell just how lively a party was by how it wraps up?  All the pictures in this post were taken within a 30 minute time frame between Latrobe's and Hotel Monteleone.  It truly was a great Second Line and a regal good time on Royal Street.  Congrats Beth and Josh!


  1. Looks like fun! Is that Dan Carlin by any chance?
    We wrote you back on Etsy. We are holding "nola" for you in case you want it. If not, no biggie!

  2. Audrey: Yep, that is the one and only Danimal! What a small world.

    I just responded on Etsy, would love to see the letters. Thanks.

  3. looks like an amazing time!!!
    thank you for your sweet comment :). i was thoroughly enjoying the colors in the city!! unfortunately i'm not a coffee drinker (sometimes i wish i was!), but i think my husband makes up for the both of us!!! :)


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